About us

We scoop a lot.

Mission Statement

Because life is easier and more sustainable when we challenge the status quo and create elegant, perfect little solutions.

Our Story

Hello, I am Artur, CEO and co-founder of ZoopScoop. I am a Fitness Specialist and my fellow co-founder is an entrepreneur. We met in the gym and have since become good friends and business partners.

So what’s the story? Well, we scoop a lot. Supplements, formulas, coffee, flour – all sorts of powders. We scoop so much we grew tired of scooping hard. Spillage, stickiness, dirty hands. Guesswork, disposal, pollution.

We couldn’t find the perfect solution to our scooping woes, so we created one: the ZoopScoop – the scoop that does it easy.

For us, ZoopScoop is far more than a scoop. It’s a mentality. To always search for a better way – a cleaner, smarter, greener way. ZoopScoop is changing the world one scoop at a time – and we’re only just getting started!

Easy does it.

Artur Zolkiewicz