• Portable Protein Shaker For Gym & Outdoor Workout
  • 700ml Shaker Cup With Strainer
  • Leakproof Lid
  • Blender Bottle For Supplement Shake
  • Easy Clean
  • BPA Free Shaker

About the product

Bottle Design
The round base shape of our portable blender bottle ensures better fluid circulation as it continually shakes the supplement while drinking and also prevents any protein from sticking in corners to enjoy your well-blended drink.


Revolutionary Attached Strainer
Our protein shaker bottle features a click strainer system for hassle-free use and shorter mixing time! We ensure that you never lose the strainer of your gym shaker bottle, unlike the wired ball shaker cups.


Superpower Quality
Our sports supplement shaker doesn’t wear a cap, but its hero Tritan plastic guarantees the longevity of the bottle blender! The sturdy design, scratch-proof surface make them the best- fitted protein shakers for any gym lover.


Leakproof Technology
The ZoopScoop® blender cup comes with superpowers like glasslike odour-free plastic. Combine this with the attached non-spill lid & cap to introduce you to the optimal powder mixer. This is the only shaker you’ll ever want to use.


Hassle-Free & 100% Safe
Shieldmixer protein blender is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, preventing any powder residues from settling. Our shaker bottles are BPA, DHEP Free, preventing harmful substances from leaking into the nutrition cocktail.



  • How should I store the ZoopShaker? 
    Make sure always to store your ZoopShaker clean and with the lid open.
  • What can I do if my ZoopShaker smells?
    We make our products using only premium and odour-free materials. To ensure that your ZoopShaker is always fresh, please make sure to clean it thoroughly after every use.
  • Can the sidekick strainer come loose?
    The sidekick strainer is detachable. However, there is no need to remove it – you can leave it inside whilst washing your ZoopShaker.
  • Is there a warranty for the ZoopShaker?
    Our products are designed to last, but should your ZoopShaker have a technical fault, we’ll be more than happy to replace it.
  • Can I drink hot liquids out of the ZoopShaker?
    The ZoopShaker is made of Eastman Tritan, which has a high-temperature tolerance.
  • Can I freeze liquids in the ZoopShaker?
    Yes, you can freeze liquids in the ZoopShaker.
  • Is ZoopShaker BPA-free?
    Yes, the ZoopShaker is made of Eastman Tritan, a premium, fully BPA-free plastic. Tritan is also shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and odour-free.
  • What materials are ZoopShaker made of?
    The ZoopShaker is made of Eastman Tritan, a premium, fully BPA-free plastic. Tritan is also shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and odour-free.
  • How do I return my ZoopShaker?
    We can’t think of any reason you would want to, but if you wish to return a ZoopShaker because it is not working as you imagined or there may be a technical fault, please drop us an email at contact@zoopscoop.com so that we can arrange a return.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Weight 186 g
Dimensions 75 × 225 × 75 cm

Black, Red


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